Vote Communication Health


2019 Key Communication Health Issues

In the lead up to the 2019 Canadian federal election, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada is running an advocacy campaign to push communication health issues to the forefront. At the heart of our Vote Communication Health Campaign is an extensive social media presence and new resources to promote our three key campaign issues.


ASK: That the federal government establish national hearing health guidelines for children.

ASK: That the federal government expand Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system to include access to community-based speech-language pathology and audiology services.

ASK: That the federal government initiate a national study to better understand — and ultimately improve — the delivery of speech-language pathology services available to children and adolescents.

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NOTE: We know there are many challenges facing communication health in Canada. For this campaign we have identified three key issues in need of leadership at a federal level, highlighting the lack of access to speech-language pathology and audiology services in Canada. While we chose to focus on the above three issues for our 2019 campaign, we know that our members and associates are passionate about a wide range of professional issues. If you’re looking for more information about a topic that is not part of our campaign, please visit our SAC Resource Library for additional resources: