Benefits of Joining SAC


What is SAC? 

SAC is a member-driven organization that supports, promotes and elevates the professions of our members and associates. 

Our members and associates are why we exist. When you're an SAC student associate, you can focus on your studies knowing that we are there supporting and fighting for you, every day.


Why Join SAC?

Joining SAC costs only $75 for the duration of your studies.
So, the sooner you become an associate, the more time you'll have to reap the benefits. 


Top 10 Reasons to Join SAC

  1. Certification.
    As an SAC member, you are eligible (though not required) to earn SAC Clinical Certification. Show potential employers you're the kind of person who goes the extra mile. Learn more.
  2. Scholarships.
    $36,000 in scholarship funding awarded annually. Learn more.
  3. Conference.
    Apply to present at the SAC conference (and get funding to help pay your way!)
  4. Student Fund.
    The more student associates your school recruits, the more SAC Student Fund money your school is eligible for. You can apply to use this funding for workshops, speakers, student resources and more. 
  5. Discounts. GoodLife Fitness, ASHA and more! Learn more.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  6. Student Voice.
    Students are the future of the professions. Our student associates are the future of the association; which is why we care what you think. As an SAC student associate, you have the opportunity to guide your national professional association by volunteering for committees, as a university rep or even running to be the next Director-Student, a position on the SAC Board of Directors. Learn more.
  7. Graduation Gifts! 
    At SAC, we want to do whatever we can to smooth your transition out of school and into your profession. Which is why we offer new-grad discounts to our graduating student associates: 
    1. Half-price on SAC fees for your first year as a full member or associate
    2. You are eligible for up to a year of free professional liability insurance as an SAC student associate. After that, you decide if you want to keep it or not (no pressure!)
  8. The Inside Scoop.
    Twice a  year, student associates get our student newsletter, Student Speak: a compendium of important dates, study tips and insider advice on your education and career.
  9. International Mobility
    We have negotiated mutual recognition agreements for SAC Clinically Certified speech-language pathologists. These agreements mean that, if you ever wish to work in one of our partner countries, we've already taken the first step for you. Learn more.

Make a difference to your profession & your career:
Become an associate now.


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