Wait Times

Recommended Wait Times for Speech-Language Pathology
and Audiology-Related Services

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada and its members are committed to taking a leadership role on the important issue of reducing wait times for services. Establishing reasonable benchmark wait times is the first step.

These benchmarks were developed by national committees of volunteers, established by the Pan-Candian Alliance, and comprised of both expert clinicians specific to the diagnostic category and working clinicians who regularly deal with a wide range of disorder types. In some cases a comprehensive literature review was completed, where in other instances expert opinion alone was employed to arrive at these wait time recommendations. The manner in which each benchmark was developed is outlined under the specific disorder heading. Where they exist, a link to a comprehensive wait times report is also provided.

The full reports on benchmark wait times are provided to SAC members and associates only and are not available for public dissemination. A Pan-Canadian Alliance Wait Times Ad Hoc Committee established a standardized template for the formalization of the benchmark wait times for speech, language and audiology services by diagnostic area. The framework provides a guide to the review process and ensures a consistent format is used for all wait times.

CJSLPA Report on Benchmark Wait Times for Pediatric Speech Sound Disorders

What’s Happening With Wait Times? A Summary of the Pan-Canadian Alliance Wait Time Benchmarks Project


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Benchmark Wait Times for Pediatric Speech Sound Disorders

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