2015 Advertising Campaign: “It’s My Privilege”

On May 4, 2015, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) launched a new advertising campaign to raise awareness about communication health and the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology. The campaign includes two new touching advertisements, shown below, which are running in transit stations and vehicles in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto for approximately six weeks.


Speech-language pathologists help children with speech problems poster    Audiologists help people with hearing loss poster

(Click images to download full-sized [11" by 17"] posters. For letter-sized versions, see below.)

These BRAVE and LOVE advertisements are an extension of the wildly successful "Awe and Joy" campaign we launched in the spring of 2014. 


The AWE and JOY advertisements were featured in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto last year and this year will run in transit vehicles and stations in Calgary and Halifax, also for approximately six weeks. 

Audiologists help children with hearing loss poster    Speech-language pathologists help people express themselves after a stroke poster

(Click images to download full-sized [11" by 17"] posters. For letter-sized versions, see below.)


Our transit advertisements are accompanied by a country-wide online advertising campaign. Look out for our BRAVE, LOVE, AWE and JOY ads on Facebook and Google’s keyword search, no matter where you are in Canada!


Continuing the Conversation About Communication Health in Canada

The goal of this campaign is to help members of the public, government and media across Canada understand the importance of communication health and the work that speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health professionals do. Given that May is also Speech and Hearing Month, this is the perfect time to get people talking about #communicationhealth!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share your story about the difference a communication health professional has made in your life. Send it to us via email, Twitter or Facebook and encourage others to do the same.
  • Print off the ads and hang them in your workplace.
  • If you live in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Halifax, take a "selfie" (photograph of yourself) next to one of our advertisements. Email it to us or post it on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #communicationhealth.


Transit Station and Shelter Ad Locations:

Please note that some of the advertisements may be posted shortly after May 4, depending on the city and the transit station location.


  • Burrard 27m S/O Smithe WS
  • Denman 20m S/O Pendrell WS
  • Granville 22.5M S/O Georgia ES
  • Robson 28m W/O Hamilton NS

MONTREAL (BRAVE and LOVE ads) – subject to change

  • Côte-des‐Neiges (Chemin) 250 m S/O Cedar (Avenue) ES
  • Docteur-Penfield (Avenue) 8 m W/O Peel (Rue) SS
  • Du Sussex (Rue) 20 m N/O René‐Lévesque Ouest (Boul) WS
  • Notre-Dame Ouest (Rue) 34 m W/O Seigneurs (Rue) NS
  • Ontario Est (Rue) 10 m W/O Lorimier (Avenue) SS
  • Président-Kennedy (Avenue) 30 m E/O Aylmer (Rue) SS
  • René‐Lévesque (Boul) 10 m W/O Guy (Rue) SS
  • René‐Lévesque Est (Boul) 7 m E/O St-­‐André (Rue) NS
  • René-Lévesque Ouest (Boul) 7 m E/O St‐Mathieu (Rue) NS
  • Sherbrooke Est (Rue) 2 m E/O Plessis (Rue) NS
  • Sherbrooke Ouest (Rue) 23 m E/O Atwater (Avenue) NS
  • Ste‐Catherine Est (Rue) 7 m W/O Lorimier (Avenue) SS
  • Ste‐Catherine Ouest (Rue) 9 m W/O St-Mathieu (Rue) SS
  • St‐Jacques (Rue) 35 m W/O Atwater (Avenue) SS


  • Queen's Park 45m N/O Charles St. ES, F/N – O
  • Dundas St. 20m W/O Church St. S, Toronto F/W – I
  • University Ave. 15m N/O College St. WS, F/S – O
  • Bay St. 8m S/O King St. F/N - O


  • Bow Trail 122M W/O 24 Street SW SS
  • Centre St. 5m N/O Samis Rd. NW WS
  • 1 Street N/O 20 Avenue SE WS
  • 10 Street N/O 3 Avenue NW ES
  • 2 Avenue 30m W/O 4 Street SW NS
  • 2 Street 21M S/O 8 Avenue SW ES
  • 24 Avenue 3m E/O Upton Pl. NW SS
  • 6 Avenue 57m W/O 6 Street SW NS
  • 8 Street 30m S/O 11 Avenue SW ES
  • 9 Avenue W/O 9 Street SE NS


  • Pleasant St. 250m N/O Twin Dr. ES
  • Victoria Rd. 25m S/O Boland Rd.
  • MicMac Bl 50m E/O Garden Ct. Ter NS
  • Bedford Hwy 20m S/O Torrington Dr. WS
  • Herring Cove Rd. 25m N/O Glenora Dr ES
  • Chain Lake Dr. 450m N/O Suzie  Lake ES
  • Windsor St. 25m N/O Bayers Rd. WS
  • Robie St. 50m N/O North St. WS
  • Barrington St 50' N/O Duke St WS 
  • Coburg Rd 5m E/O Oxford St SS
  • Spring Garden Rd 20m E/O Summer NS
  • South St 30m W/O Tower Rd NS